The VA organization reached out to us to photograph the groundbreaking ceremony for a brand new building that was being built for the vets. Our goals were to document the setup, photograph everyone interacting and shots of the actual shoveling of the dirt by all the donors and contributors. We started out with photographing the setup, the signage, the mockup drawings, the food and the participants signing in or chatting. We then photographed each speaker as they talked about a variety of topics from what it’s like being a vet and coming back to the workforce to what it means for them to be donating towards such an amazing organization. We took shots of what each vet would receive, as they would get a room in this facility, took some shots of the speakers presenting and also shots of the participants listening to the speakers.



We finished up the event by taking shots of the dirt being shoveled by all the donors and participants. We were proud to be invited to such an amazing event and are excited for this new building to open for the vets coming home from the war. The client loved the shots and asked us to be there for the opening ceremony of when the building would be built. All the images were uploaded to our secure server and the client was able to download and share all the photos with all the donors and the press for promoting this amazing event. If you ever have a new building being built and have a groundbreaking ceremony – give us a call – we are available all around the Chicagoland area.