A shopping mall in Skokie reached out to us during the holidays to document their marketing event to get more people to come to the mall. Our job was to get photos showcasing the size of the event, all the decorations, as well as all the public speeches. We started out with photographing all the different holiday trees as all were individually decorated and were part of the scene. We then took some shots of the stores around enveloped in all the decorations. The event started with a choir singing near the Macys store followed by Santa coming out to greet all the kids and all the shoppers in the mall. The Santa then guided everyone with the marching band towards the stage that was setup on the either side of the mall. We took shots of all the various characters that were dressed up as well as the marching band, the large groups of people gathered with each store.



We then took some shots of kids anxiously waiting to meet Santa and then some shots of all the kids getting to meet Santa on stage. We made sure to get shots of the setup as well as all the decorations and a group shot of the entire marketing team involved in the event with a few of the local celebrities and the local mayor. We finished up the event with photographing the ice skate rink that was part of the event and the performances they had on it. Towards the end of the night we went back and edited all the shots and uploaded everything to our secure web server. The client was happy because they could share the images right away with the press as well as all the participants at the event so that they could get their photos with Santa. Overall the night went really well and if your ever looking for a Chicago event photographer that is flexible and ready for any job – give us a call!