A corporate marketing event agency reached out to us to document their all day event for a financial service firm in Chicago. The event was held in Rosemont and our job was to document: registration process, opening plenary kick-off, plenary sessions and Hollywood squared, group dinner, networking. During the entire event coverage our goal was to provide the agency with branding and environment photographs to document their work and the interaction of the participants with the event being held.







We had a blast starting out getting photos of everyone sitting down at the round tables enjoying the event and getting to know each other. Once a few videos were played we saw something that we have never seen at a corporate event before… Hollywood squares but in reality. We have seen it on tv but this was in real life. It was simply amazing! The crowd played a few games with the Hollywood squares and then there were breakout sessions. We went to each one every 15 min to make sure we were able to cover every part of the event. During the same time we made sure to photograph all the signage at this marketing event. We finished up the night with the networking event where we got a lot of group shots while also trying to get some candids of the crowd while making sure we showcase some of the signage and branding around the event. The event was an overall success and the client loved our photos. We were able to give them the photos as soon as possible to utilize in all of their marketing efforts for future events.




The venue was massive and we are used to that – especially in Rosemont. Rosemont is an ideal location for throwing any corporate event, as there are a lot of hotel reception halls that are well suited for any event marketing company to adapt for their client. Rosemont is also very close to the airport and when trying to draw a large crowd for your event – it’s the ideal spot to be!


If your ever in the market for an event photographer to document your event setup space or any corporate environment to simply a party – give us a call.