An advertising agency reached out to us about an exclusive liquor event hosted for a select few. The event was a competition amongst the best bartenders in the US for a prize. The focus of these shots was to showcase the brand of the liquor in as many settings as possible but also document the event as it progressed. It started out with a Step & Repeat session with a couple models dressed in branding outfits for this brand. Everyone posed with the models as well as enjoyed some drinks and had some amazing food. The next part of the event was a competition between three famous bartenders to see who could make the best signature drink utilizing the liquor brand being featured.





Between each candidate there was also a performance between two bartenders that did amazing feats with bottle flying in the air and pouring over a dozen drinks all at once. Once the bartenders made their drinks – three judges decided on the ultimate winner for the event, who won $5,000 from the brand and a place to move on to the next challenge. The rest of the evening was followed by additional drinking and having some amazing food. Overall the marketing for this event went without a hitch and we had an amazing time watching these bartenders make amazing drinks. The client had the shots the following morning via an online secure portal to download and review all the photos we picked out and did some editing to. Next time your advertising agency or branding company is looking to document your next marketing event – give us a call!