Kenmore Kitchen is a studio setting that records chefs using several of their appliances while also showcasing a live online show with an audience. They wanted us to document these Japanese chefs preparing sushi in the setting while also documenting the live musical performers that were on the second floor. Users also had the ability to interact with the chefs via twitter as well as the host who would ask the questions that were asked by home viewers. We documented the complete setup as well as the various interactions for the client.








We had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing the sushi made. We took some Step & Repeat shots with a few of the attendees wearing traditional Japanese attire. The Japanese chefs were from the famous Chicago Japanese restaurant – Kamehachi located in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago. At the end of the display the audience got to try some amazing sushi. We edited all the shots and uploaded them that evening for the client to review and share with all the participants that came to the show as well as all the online fans. Next time you have a branding or marketing event and need a photographer with an advertising mindset and background who never lets you down – give us a call!