A Chicago walking tour company reached out to us to document one of their walking tours. The primary goal was to document the entire tour to show future customers what the tour was like. They also wanted to utilize the photos throughout all their marketing channels to show authenticity behind the brand considering the increasing number of competitors that all utilize stock photos. This particular agency did not have a shot list or anything specific – they just wanted the reaction of their participants throughout the tour as well as photographs of the different locations we went to.





The tour started of at Radisson Blu Hotel and proceeded throughout the entire Chicago Pedway system (all tunnels underneath the city that guide you from building to building). The tour had a midpoint where the crowd had some brunch and then proceeded through Union Station and ended up at Macy’s on State St. where we saw a magnificent mural on the ceiling. Overall a very insightful event that was a little over 3 hours long.




We were able to get the photos to the company that same day via our download/viewing portal. We utilize this portal for clients (as well as their participants if they would like) to view individual photos and download the entire batch or simply one by one. This is ideal for most of our corporate customers, as they may not want to download every photo. The company was then able to utilize the photos to promote their business throughout all their marketing channels to drive revenue for the business and overall brand perception.




We have a very heavy background in marketing and understand the life cycle of our finished corporate photos and the possible locations they may be utilized. For example – we tend to photograph a lot of horizontal shots with the ability for copy to be added on either side in the future and just in case we will grab additional angles just for posterity. Next time you’re in the market for a marketing photographer in the Chicagoland area – give us a call!