An event production company reached out to us to document another Northwestern Alumni event at the Northwestern campus in Evanston, IL. The event production turned a massive gym facility into a two part massive venue that featured custom glass signage, amazing flower displays, a unique bar and much more. The entire facility was separated into two sections separated by a massive curtain that had projections on it of the university logo. All of the color schemes in all of the design aspects matched the client – even down to the types of flowers and decorations all throughout the venue. The alumni participants started in section one where they were greeted with custom glass signage showcasing some of the elements of the university as well as a live band, a bar in the middle as well as an interactive screen that hung from the ceiling. The crowd was massive. We took shots of the crowds interacting with the displays as well as some of the food.









The next part of the event was initiated by the sound of trumpet players which parted the large curtain that unveiled the massive seating area with screens hung from above in every direction. The stage was also very unique and was an X shape where presenters would talk about their experience at the university. We documented the complete setup of 4 cameras, 4 massive projects and much more all rigged throughout the venue. The crowds had an amazing dinner, listened to some speeches that were followed up with the Northwestern band to get the alumni excited and on their feet. The event was finished up with an amazing display of desserts for the entire crowd on the other side of the venue. We took thousands of shots that day and that evening sifted through all of them, picked the best, edited them and the client had a link with a password the following morning. The client loved the shots and we hope we have the opportunity to work with them again soon!