Boys Town Photographer

by Eugene Feygin

Boys Town Photographer

As one of the leading Boys Town photographers in the Chicagoland area we strive our best to ensure you get the best quality photography no matter whether it be baby photos or your birthday party!

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Boys Town

Boys Town area is one of the first officially recognized gay areas in Chicago. The Gay pride parade that is held every year runs its course directly through the heart of Boys Town. The Boys Town area has also a very large and growing LGBT community. As a photographer in the Chicagoland area – we like to focus on a variety of different photographic fields that are in the Boys Town area. If you are ever looking for your Boys Town photographer for your next party – you have found the perfect team! Boystown is a cultural area and along with the historian look of Boystown you also have the modern look as well. It’s also a great place for great boutiques and shopping, but the fun comes when the sun goes down. Dancing and nightlife are a major part of this area.

Boys Town offers a variety of fashion forward trendy boutiques, historic architecture, wine boutiques, and a large variety of restaurants! Are you looking for a Chicago photographer to document your new fashion line and are looking for someone local? We are here to help! Or are you trying to sell a commercial building or even rent out rooms and need beautiful architecture photography interiors and exteriors – we are here to help! Or are you starting the next amazing restaurant and need beautiful images of your food? As Boys Town food photographers as well as product photographers – we focus on ensuring that your product is accurately documented and all photography has enough quality that you could even print a billboard from! Eugene Feygin Photography is a LGBT friendly establishment and we will do everything possibly to support the Boys Town area of Chicago. If you ever have any questions or are looking for that next photographer – please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Boys Town Wedding Photography is growing rapidly and we are here to cherish the beautiful moment and give you the ability to share it with all your family and loved ones via our online system. Our online system gives you the ability to proof, view images, share photos, and even print your next wedding album!

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As the best Boys Town Photographers we can accommodate any event or party you are holding in Boystown. If you are planning a Halloween party, Boystown Photography capture every moment so you can relive the fun and memories of your Halloween party. There is no event or party we don’t cover. Planning a wedding for same sex marriage, we can be there! From the moment you get get ready for the wedding to the toasts and dances at your reception – we are there to cover your special day.

Boys Town Event Photographer


Anything you have in mind when it comes to photography? We are a local photographer that understands the city. We want to keep our clients happy with our services. Anywhere you want to do photos in Boystown we can be there. There is no job to small or large for us. Let us handle all your photography needs. Let us cover your special day, party or event. Next time you are looking for a Boys Town photographer for your next baby shower or possibly birthday party – we are here to document every magical moment!

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