Burr Ridge Photographer

by Eugene Feygin

Burr Ridge Photographer

Are you looking for a unique Burr Ridge photographer? We cater towards a wide assortment of events such as festivals and concerts. As the best Burr Ridge photographer in Burr Ridge – our team wants to work with you and your loved ones to preserve the memmories of your festive event. Next time your family is outlining an event in Burr Ridge and looking for a superb photographer – shoot us an email!

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Burr Ridge

Burr Ridge lies in both Du Page and Cook Counties in Illinois. The village of Burr Ridge is bordered by Hinsdale, Indian Head Park, Western Springs, Willowbrook, Willow Springs and several smaller areas. Burr Ridge’s is known for their rolling hill landscape – carved out by glaciers at the end of the last ice age. During the very early 1900′s, the Cook County Prison Farm began their operation in what is now known as Burr Ridge. Prior to 1961 – a major portion of Burr Ridge was known to most as village of Harvester but that year the International Harvester Company and the Burr Ridges Estates merged, changing the villages’s name to Burr Ridge – and thus the Burr Ridge town was officially born. By 1975 the population had risen to over 2,200. In 1969, the Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley had an idea to develop low income subsidize housing in the village – which was overturned and instead was turned into a gated community of multimillion-dollar homes. According to the 2010 census, there were over 10K people, over 3K households, and almost 3K families residing in the village of Burr Ridge. The median income for a household in the village was close to $130K, and the median income for a family was nearing $190K. Males had a median income of almost 100K while women had a median income close to $50K. There are many venues in Burr Ridge for special events such as birthday, marriages, corporate parties, and much more – get the best Burr Ridge photographer today!

Burr Ridge Photographer

As a Burr Ridge photographer for over a decade in the commercial industry he has developed his expertise through new artistic and classical approaches to produce thousands of award winning quality stills for happy clients. For an extensive list of his clients and many 5 star reviews – check out the about section. His primary influence in his photographic ability has ranged from a variety of European countries he has had the privilege in visiting. He is constantly seeking out new countries to explore in order to experience a new lifestyle and an addition to his global inspiration to many of his photographic images. As a leading Chicago model photographer – he has had the privilege and opportunity to work with some amazing models, hair stylists, makeup artists and many others to create – what he considers – true beauty. His photography was first published at his University newspaper and yearbook to be viewed by over 40K students on campus but he has yet to produce any of his photography elsewhere. During every single event he covers as an event photographer – his primary focus is to study people during the event and truly capture every individual at a single unique and beautiful moment. He himself loves to laugh and photographing that special moment when the person simply lets go and lets their smile come through. This is when he shines best and documents every second of the moment – freezing time – freezing life – for that split second. Making people happy and capturing their inner beauty through photography is what truly excites this Chicago photographer! He has had the opportunity to work with film and digital photography but focuses his primary effort on the digital Nikon platform as a Burr Ridge photographer. His stock photography has been published around the world in magazines and in outdoor advertising. After every photo shoot – digital retouching and airbrushing is conducted with a fine point pen to ensure that every piece of hair is in the right place and the shot is just right! During any studio photo session – he focuses on simplicity with the hint of beauty in every snap. In the past from being a product photographer, sports photographer, pet photographer, to an architecture photographer – people seemed to truly be his interest at all times. At this point in time – he decided to focus on photographing his friends which then quickly snowballed into photographing full time models and who knows what’s next! He is now a leading model photographer in Chicago. Prior to any event – he always sits down with the host or client to go over the schedule and what is expected in the coverage to ensure that every precious moment is captured and may one day bring that special moment back into their lives through just one image! Next time your friends are planning an event in Burr Ridge and looking for a experienced photographer – give us a call.

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